Hardware Services & Products

High standard design & verification services. Products for making the emulation systems and FPGAs testing more effective

Hardware Design

EasyIC offers high standard design services for ASIC, FPGA, mixed-signal and embedded systems, which includes front-end hardware design, system level simulation, component design and synthesizable BFMs development.

Hardware Verification

Due to our excellent expertise in verification using languages like e, SystemVerilog and SystemC we can provide high quality verification services ranging from verification of planning and development specifications to fault simulation & ATPG.

Hardware Products

Our products consts in Synthesizable DDR Models - fully functional, configurable and cycle-accurate JEDEC standard based DDR models, which enables the users to debug their design in simulations and furthermore in emulation environment as well as FPGA.

Hardware Design Services

Our team offers the design services at the highest quality and reusability standards

Hardware Verification Services

High standard verification services due to our excellent expertise in verification using e, SystemVerilog and SystemC

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